catphistopheles said: AH, i’m sorry!! It was meant to be a funny story bc I’m a scaredy cat. lol, no they can’t eat people. You’re safe. :D

Nooooo hahaha, I’m not scared of mice, they’re pretty cute, but I really don’t want them in my house. pfew good thing I’m safe ;) Hopefully my food and wires will stay safe as well >.<

catphistopheles said: oh god I HATE THAT SO FUCKING MUCH, my house in Maine had mice and rats and this was after I saw “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” and all I could think of were tiny bloodthirsty trolls in the walls plotting my death TT.TT

OHMYGOD now you scared the living shit out of me >.< (they can’t really eat people can they)

my-timemachine bmoviebabylon

this house is making me fucking paranoid

i knew we had mice but now i can hear them fucking nibbling but i can’t fucking see them bitches

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